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About Booqpress

The Company was Established in 2019 to publish Adult Books and to also accompany the backdrop in the production of Children’s Books.

Booqpress offers expert advice on everything from.

Cover Design.

Publishing Goals.

Book Titles.

Book Blurbs.

Pitches to retailers.

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Meet the team:


Artist/Illustrator: Kevin McHugh:

Kevin McHugh

Kevin McHugh is the Main Illustrator @MB and BOOQPRESS.

The Gifted and extremely talented Artist has produced a total of

Eight of the Sixteen Books produced and published at MBPress.

Kevin also see’s to book updates and the amazing art work for the legal,

back and Authors pages for the books.


Author/Publisher: Laura Mac (Quinn)

Laura Mac Is the Author of the Sixteen Children’s Books

produced and published at MB and Booqpress. As well as

Children’s books she has transitioned in to a Novelist. She provides

content and runs both websites, see’s through the publication of each title

and handles book sales.


  • Monkey Blue Rubs Shoulders with Peter Rabbit.

    Booqpress has an exciting adventure ahead that will see a Total of Eight of its Original Books that went from paper to print, now go from print to digital. The Company has been lucky enough to align itself with Inception. (Bookful).

    Bookful is a magical, playful universe for book lovers that uses augmented reality to bring books to life. The app merges the digital and the physical worlds to create an interactive reading experience that instils in children a passion for books. It is an incredibly powerful reading tool that helps children better understand book content and even provides information that extends beyond the pages of the book. It engages visual and auditory learners alike by enhancing a book’s interactivity.

    Booqpress announced the exciting partnership and have successfully secured not one, but two collections with the company who will digitally transform both the Monkey Blue and What on Earth Collection.

    Booqpress are obviously excited about the Prospect of firstly seeing their books Literally come to life, Monkey Blue will now be rubbing shoulders with Peter Rabbit as Bookful secured the Beatrix Potter Brand also. The company are on a global platform, they plan to run ads for the Collection so this will bring the books to a really wide audience and Bookful have a Marketing plan in place for the titles which is obviously the kind of “Big Break” every Author dreams of. As of 29/01/19 The Paper Work has all been signed and the project will commence immediately and as like any press they want to offer the titles in a digital collection/bundle format also so this will mean the collections of both Monkey Blue and What on earth will be completed.

  • Laura Quinn Quote:

    “While I always seen the bigger picture and planned and hoped at the very start that the Books would be successful reaching this level after making such a commitment to my business is beyond my wildest dreams and I am glad that regardless of the stress and ups and downs along the way that I stuck with my gut and I seen it through, rewards like this one won’t come every day. While I am of course excited I have to also stress that the Illustrations by Kevin McHugh are a massive influence when pitching or putting my books forward for anything, What he has managed to achieve with Monkey Blue has been amazing and every talk or pitch I do The illustrations from the What on earth is under my bed book is always the talking point. Aswell as the story they are what appeals to the buyers, readers and companies like Bookful so I could never stand confidently on my own and take full credit. I’m excited about this prospect and also the ideas and progression plans Booqpress and MB press have in place for 2019. I hope to showcase and Launch the first Sample Ad from Bookful on this website so “Watch this Space”.

  • Awards, Awards and More Awards:

    MBPress/Booqpress has scooped up another award for What on earth is under my bed. Just as the Sequel (What on earth is in the Garden Shed) hits the print house the original was recognised once again and we are over the moon with the results.

    After being shortlisted as a finalist and picking up bronze at “The Wishing Shelf Book Awards” the book has now been successfully shortlisted in the

    INTERNATIONAL READERS CHOICE AWARDS!!! If you haven’t already voted you can do so Via the Laura Quinn Authors- Facebook Page.

    While Laura Quinn was Shortlisted in 2018 as Northern Irelands Business Women of the year now her award winning growing press is set to be recognised by the All-Ireland Business Foundation, A national body which accredits best-in-class Irish businesses as Business AllStars. They believe best-in-class companies should be clearly identifiable so consumers can purchase with confidence.

    Although the process is an extensive one the press is hopeful and all fingers and toes are crossed as the award promotes its accredited businesses to Irish consumers, giving them confidence and reassurance when making their purchasing decisions.

  • Kevin McHugh

    (Kevin McHugh is the Main Illustrator @ MBpress and Booqpress. Kevin has produced a total of eight of the sixteen books produced and published at the Press and he also offers amazing art work for the legal pages, back ends and Authors pages that are included at the back of all the Children’s book titles.)

    Monkey Blue – Two New Titles – In Production:

    Both Kevin McHugh and Laura Quinn have had to up the Anti and pick up speed as the demand and pressure to get the Monkey Blue Book collection complete is on. The Pair have had to Fulfil an Order for the total collection from Bookful and the books are set to be published digitally and physically in the coming months and the anticipation at the press is rife.

    With the two scripts complete the dynamic duo have excitingly began work in the studio and confirmed the books titles “Monkey Blue’s Family Tree” (My Brand New Baby Sister and Me) and “Monkey Blue and The Trail Blazing Crew” the third and forth book will complete the full Monkey Book Collection in the ladder end of 2019.

    The books will be available @





    Bookful – Bringing Books to Life in AR




  • Prequel to Award Winning, What on Earth is Under my bed, receives a Halloween publication date:

    The Prequel to the award winning What on earth is under my bed book…What on Earth is in my Garden Shed has received a bulk pre-order before its publication date.

    Keeping with tradition the Halloween tale has received a publication date of the 30th of October 2019, exactly two years on from the successful launch and publication from the Original, What on earth is under my bed.

    Both books compliment each-other beautifully and “Garden Shed” As its set to be know will be revealed on Bookfuls digital App before the first Copy has even went to print.

    To top of the exciting news, Illustrations have also began on the third title from the collection “What on Earth is behind my Teachers Head.”

    The Collection of four books (All Halloween Themed) are set to be completed by the end of 2019 the press is overwhelmed but delighted with the positive developements.


  • “Book’s…we did it again.”

    Monkey Blue Press have confirmed work has indeed begun on “What on Earth is in my Garden Shed” Joseph Radcliff has took the lead vocal’s once again

    and the illustrations produced by Kevin McHugh have insured the production will be an amazing hit.

    With the Digital App from the company “Bookful” Ready to Launch in Asia, It means the New Title will be open to

    Millions of views before we have even printed it at the press!

    The book is the Second in the “What on Earth Collection” and is a huge favourite with Author Laura Quinn herself.

    Laura, has once again praised the artwork for the attention the books receive. “Kevin produces such eye catching work, he makes the books impossible to ignore, therefore

    it makes my job so much easier in regards to sales and pitches.

    It is a busy market for sure but developments like this one and the speed of how quickly things happen just prove further more that there is room for the MB Brand.

    I am delighted Bookful have began on this one already, things have really taken off on that front and its amazing to be a part of that.





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