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  • Editing/Proof Reading

    Fresh eyes and a new perspective can be vital for any writer/author. Before proceeding on your publishing journey, (Which can sometimes be a long one) Wouldn’t you feel better equipped if you had all the tools to help you along the way.
    We all want and hope for a smooth transition from “Paper to Print” Book Ideas are fun but with so much going on in Publishing houses let’s not waste their time with sloppy work.

    Let’s make sure your script is impeccable, unique, faultless and eye-catching.
    I will guide you through the submission process with ease and with inside knowledge on the do’s and don’ts’ in publishing your book project is safe in my hands.

  • Cover Ideas and Blurbs

    Considered by Booqpress “The main selling point” in the paper to print process is not what you may think…Yes, the front Cover is super Important, it is the books shop window Afterall, it draws your readers attention, but to hold that attention you must have an appealing blurb.

    Creating Blurbs

    Clever, front and Back Cover design and Ideas

    Quirky Catchy Titles and Captions

    Laura Quinn Quote “Blurbs are the most crucial part to any Book be it childrens or adults” Look at it this way, when you shop for clothes the storefront will tell you whether the shop is right for you
    (This is this is the front cover)
    But you need to enter the shop and try the clothes on
    (This is the Blurb)
    And this is when your customer decides to either hang the clothes back up
    (Put your book back on the Shelf)
    or Bring it to the till
    (A Successful sale of your title)

    Blurbs are so important and always have been the most enjoyable part for Booqpress with an array of blurbs and book titles that have already went on to feature on the front and back of published Novels and Childrens books it has now became booqpresses ‘‘speciality’’

  • Professional Business and Authors talks

    Bringing inspiration to students of all ages and businesses of all sizes, working on all sorts of projects, Laura Quinn’s diary is full of speaking events regarding books, Authors, publishing and Business.

    Laura attends both primary, secondary schools and colleges where she provides aspiring artists, writers and entrepreneurs with creative workshops and talks, she talks extensively about her Life as an unpaid Author on to her Journey though making magic happen academy then on to the successful journey she made to Publication and the success of her Children book brand.

    As a regular face at Business events and speaking engagements Laura Quinn is an Advocate for all thing’s books and all things business.

    Speaking about her publication success, running her own publishing press and how securing major book deals, launching three of her titles with Inception (Bookful) aswell as securing deals and gateways for her future works, bringing her books worldwide attention, Laura Quinn is a regular face at women networking events and loves the buzz of inspiring business start-ups and people with a ”Go for it” attitude.

  • Consultations and Workshops

    Consultations – events/workshops can be a busy environment some clients prefer a quiet atmosphere and a one on one hand holding approach, once an introvert herself Laura understands this completely as she prefers to create and work on her Books and Novels in her own private studio, through aspire and creative programmes run through her local council her can offer her services privately or through a suitable programme, advising her clients on everything from:

    • Editing to Ghost-writing
    • Publishing to Marketing
    • Creating titles to book blurbs
  • Writing Workshops:

    When time allows Booqpress also step out of their own writing studio to help established and fresh talent bring their projects to life with tips and marketing advise they used to help books gain shelf space and survive in an already overcrowded market, Workshops can be a great way to get creative juices flowing and Hosting workshops will be the next big step for Booqpress.